Canadian-made from solid wood.

“Artage International Inc. is one of the few Metal Fabricators left in North America, producing Occasional Tables. We take great pride in our designs, along with the quality of our products. We have serviced a wide range of customers, dating back to 1967. Our business has thrived on serving both large and smaller customers, including working with the Design Industry to create just the right product.

Since we are in the fashion business, it is critical for us to continue to develop new styles and finishes that reflect the current market. We listen to our customers and are active in the industry to make sure Artage continues to be a leader.

Over the years, much of the industry has left North America to find lower priced products manufactured in Asia. With lower prices comes a lack of customization, along with quality issues. Artage has always stood by the decision to continue to manufacture domestically, we believe our styles and quality will be recognized by the consumer, which confirms our decision to invest and improve domestically. Our employees are committed to craftsmanship.

This coming year will see more changes at Artage; we will expand upon our strength, which means, offering a higher level of customization.

Today’s world people want to express their own design….well they can when they purchase a product made domestically from Artage International.”


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